Thursday, September 17, 2009

Closing the gap

Creigh Deeds is 12 points behind Bob McDonnell. Oh, that's really old news.
Creigh Deeds is 9% behind Bob McDonnell. Well, that's a couple months ago.
Creigh Deeds is 5% behind Bob McDonnell. Last week.
Creigh Deeds is 2% behind (well within the ±4.5% MoE of the Rasmussen poll). Today.
Slick Bob McD must be crapping in his britches as his past, his right wing views, and his questionable friends catch up with him. How fast can Bob run from who he is?
Creigh Deeds has been and will again be the comeback kid. Hope you have a backup plan for gainful employment, Taliban Bob.


Anonymous said...

If Deeds does a few more debates the polls will shift again. Remember i said this Deeds will NOT win. Deeds will not even come close. Just a few weeks ago the Democrats were saying the polls didn't matter so what CHANGED i quess when your man picks up a few points they start to matter again ?

unionman said...

Anon, if I were you I wouldn't make any big bets on Taliban Bob. The comeback kid is making his move.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to make a bet but none of the spineless party hack Democrats like Bubby or Lowell Fulk would take me up on it. Fulk doesn't really want Deeds to win so he can say i told you so you see Deeds was Fulk's last choice. Fulk won't come out against him because he is a Democrap but he doesn't like Deeds.Deeds will NOT win he was a poor choice for the Democrats i finally found something to agree with Fulk on.

Anonymous said...

Well after today i guess you Democraps will start saying the polls don't matter again after building them up for the last week.

Anonymous said...

Unionman what were you saying about making any big bets ? Where is the comeback kid ? Who is crapping in their britches now ?