Saturday, September 26, 2009

Student Voting Rights Explained

Yesterday the ACLU of Virginia reminded hundred of organizations at 33 college campuses of the new Virginia Board of Elections guidelines that clarify students' right to register where they go to school. Registrations cannot be denied because they list a dorm address or because the student does not intend to stay in that locality after graduation. In brief, the regulations provide:
  • A dorm or apartment may be used as a permanent address.
  • A student may be domiciled in the college town even though he/she does not intend to remain after graduation.
  • A registration application may be delayed if the student lists voting and mailing addresses in different localities.
  • A student who wishes to vote in his/her hometown may file the registration application in the locality of the college.
For all the details, see the ACLU's Notice to Virginia College Students.
Election Day is November 3. The last day to register to vote in Virginia is October 5. More information is at the State Board of Elections.

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