Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ding Dong

Dickie Bell, GOP candidate for the House of Delegates District 20, told WSVA that he's been informed by the Augusta County School Board that he will lose his teaching job if he is elected. Superintendent Gary McQuain did not comment publically. Bell indicated he will appeal the decision if necessary.
CCC does not support Mr. Bell for delegate. Known and "No and No Show" during his time on Staunton City Council, Mr. Bell will be ultra-partisan and not prone to building pragmatic and bipartisan consensus. He is dodging debates with his opponent sending the signal that he doesn't want to discuss issues and that he cares little for what is on voters' minds.
But for the school system to threaten to fire him is absurd and short-sighted. True, educators have a profession that requires they be on the job and if they aren't, it confers a real cost on the school system and may affect the educational program. But teachers, like other citizens, should have the ability to run for public office without this kind of intimidation. After all, school board members are elected and those who are employed must miss work for some school board commitments.
There is an easy solution to this dilemma: elect Erik Curren. He is more thoughtful, committed, willing to listen to voters, and will make a much better representative for the people of Staunton and the counties of Augusta, Rockingham, and Highland.

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Mary said...

You'd have thought Bell would have worked all this out BEFORE he got into the race. Says something about his work/preparation habits. Or I should say bad habits.