Friday, April 18, 2008

GOP Laying Mash

The feathers keep flying in the GOP cockfight. Larry Roller (elected chair at the first meeting) has called for an organizational meeting that he announced in a letter to the editor. Not sure this follows protocol or not? According to The News Leader, Kurt Michael (elected chair at the second meeting) lays claim to the chair by virtue of fact that his name is still on the state party roster. But the state GOP says nobody is chair. Ditto the 6th District committee.
Pecking around in the grist, I'm 99% sure the Michael folks pulled a slick one at the first meeting, quietly telling supporters to linger after the voting for another meeting. So, after the vote tally and some confusion and protests, the meeting was "adjourned" (seems to be dispute about that too). Many folks left believing they'd elected Roller as chair. Then Captain Kurt took the podium and declared the adjournment really hadn't happened and with precise parliamentary procedure (always easier when everyone in the room agrees with the outcome) conducts a "free and open" election of himself as chair.
Only one thing I'm sure of: Kurt and Larry won't be sharing a ride to the next 6th District committee meeting. One will be coming home early and very pissed off. The other one will come home smiling, but he better be watching over his shoulder. His enemies may be gaining on him.
At any rate, all this has been great fun in the henhouse. What will all the hens do when this is over? Guess it will be back to watching the bugs in the manure. Cluck. Cluck. 

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Belle Rose said...

Update. Capt. Kurt says he'll resign in May. But, if he isn't the chair, resign from what? He goes on to say he'd like to "bury the hatchet." Emmett and Larry better watch their backs.