Thursday, April 3, 2008

New kid in the coop

She should have done this on April 1.
A new name surfaced in the race for CD6. Yesterday, Janice Lee Allen sent a much forwarded email announcing her candidacy for the seat currently held hostage by Bob Goodlatte. Vaguely worded, the email sounded like she was seeking the Democratic nomination.
She referenced visiting the 6th District Committee a year ago and having regular conversations with David Laymen, including one just a week before David's untimely death. According to Ms. Allen, they talked of "infighting in the Party" and that David was "deeply concerned about the future of the Party." In short, David encouraged her to run saying, "Do it." Guess we'll never know what really took place in those conversations.
Ms. Allen's email included a link to her website, Allen for Congress. After the site name the first word is "independent." I won't bore you or me by relating what is or isn't on her site - visit it for yourself. 
Taking her email and website together, it appears she is probably running as an independent and hopes to pick up some Democrats to support her. If so, she'll be pecking around the district getting signatures on a petition to get on the ballot.
I do know this - David Layman was not encouraging her to run as an independent. So, by sending the email to addresses she gleaned off David's emails, could she be trying to jump into the fray for the Democratic nomination? Maybe she sees an opening in the spirited fight between Rasoul and Richardson and hopes the Democrats will turn to her?
Whichever is the case, Ms. Allen's entry into the race will be the high point of her campaign. Too little, too late for most Democrats to even notice her. If she runs as an independent, she'll get equally little notice from voters. But, she could draw a few votes that should go to the Democratic nominee.
If her email had floated a day earlier, we could have chalked it up as an April Fools Joke. That would have at least been a bit poetic. But, since she waited a day, I can only think it is a Bad Joke.
Peck. Peck.


Gxeremio said...

I couldn't find anything online about the lecturing business she mentions on her site, "Divine Wisdom Seminars LLC" nor the book she says she wrote, "Peace or War". In fact, I can't find much outside of her campaign website mentioning her at all. Suspicious?

Belle Rose said...

I haven't found much either. It is also suspicious, or at least a bit odd, that she approached the 6th District committee and then virtually disappeared for about a year only to resurface with her email announcement yesterday. Her website is pretty vague, but I'm sure more will come out if she gets any traction.

Belle Rose said...

Rumor has it that part of her motivation to run had to do with a dust-up between Allen and Drew Richardson. But, now he has withdrawn . . . so if the rumor is fact, what about her campaign?

Rebecca Webster said...
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Annie Boyd said...

Consider this a formal request for you to remove the picture that you have altered and used without a free license. I took the picture, and did not give you the rights to the picture. Thank you and hope you have a nice day.

Belle Rose said...

I don't see any copyright notice on the photo or on Allen's website.

Annie Boyd said...

Regardless... I hold the original pictures as well as the dates of creation.

So you are telling me that you wont be respectful and remove something that I worked hard to create after a friendly request?

Please let me know where I can contact you on a personal level. This will need to be dealt with.

Annie Boyd said...

I also direct you to the copyright office website which states that:

"The use of a copyright notice is no longer required under U.S. law"

Copyright is established once the object is "fixed" in a copy... or in my case when I downloaded the image from my digital camera to my computer. Please send me an email so that we can discuss this one on one.

And I hope you are having a good day.

Thank you.

Belle Rose said...

OK Annie, you win. Never want to PO a lady. I think this pic captures the essence of the campaign better anyhow.

Annie Boyd said...

While, of course, I dont agree with the new one, I do appreciate your removal of the image. From one "Lady" to another... thank you. ;)

JGFitzgerald said...


Don't tell me you're afraid of JaniceLee but not of Disney? :)

Belle Rose said...

guess I'm chicken s**t.

JGFitzgerald said...

Somehow I don't think that's it.