Friday, April 4, 2008

Rasoul's statement

Responding to Drew Richardson's announcement earlier in the day, Sam Rasoul sent an email that began:
I am writing to you in a time of great possibility and hope. I am thankful and proud to be the presumptive nominee of our party for the 6th Congressional District and I look forward to the challenges ahead. I am thankful that Drew Richardson entered the race and allowed us to discuss crucial issues in our district. I am honored to carry our banner into the general election of 2008. We as a party have the chance now to move forward united and energized to re-capture this Congressional District for the good of the people. I am now prepared to continue an aggressive and grassroots driven campaign as the presumptive nominee.
He also posted a video message:
I expect the next few weeks will see Sam traveling the district and healing any hard feelings that developed in the short but intense campaign since Drew entered. Local committees will still caucus to select delegates to the District and State conventions. 
Peck. Peck.

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