Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Urge Superdelegates to Support Obama

According to the Washington Post and Richmond Times-Dispatch, 34 local committee chairs and five congressional district chairs have urged Virginia's Superdelegates to support Barack Obama. In the February primary, Obama crushed Clinton by winning 64% of the statewide vote. In VA-6, signers included Tom Long, Augusta County; Bob Dickerman, Staunton; Tony Reed, Roanoke City; and John Lawrence, Lynchburg.
Virginia has 16 superdelegates. Currently 6 support Clinton and 4 support Obama. The uncommitted superdelegates are party chair Richard Cranwell, former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Alexis Herman, Virginia AFL-CIO President Jim Leaman, Sen. Jim Webb, John Johnson and Jerome Wiley-Segovia.
Want to join in the effort to encourage these superdelegates to support Barack Obama? Sign the Petition.

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