Sunday, May 25, 2008

A beautiful late spring day

A few pictures around the house and from our exploration today. All of the flowers are around the homestead. They are stunning and no photo can do them justice.
We encountered this fellow along a gravel road. He was not too happy with me taking pictures and put on quite a show. He'd puff up and spread his feathers whenever I seemed to threaten. And, he was talking turkey whenever I got close.
Christians Creek was serene. We could have waded and enjoyed the quiet for much of the afternoon.
The lush Shenandoah Valley is beautiful.
A few more flower pictures from the homestead.
I type while sitting next to an open window - I can hear the "night sounds" coming from a nearby pond and creek. With the hectic pace of life, I sometimes have to remember to take a moment to smell the roses, to enjoy wildlife, and to catch all the colors of our world.

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