Friday, May 30, 2008

Scrambled Eggs

A few interesting political odds and ends today -
Janice Lee Allen has, according to the Daily News-Record, gotten the 1,000 signatures and has been approved by the State Board of Elections to be on the November ballot. I'm sure she's clucking about her success! But, getting on the ballot is the easy part.
According to the grist mill, Allen has alienated 6th District Democrats by flirting with them over a possible run and then virtually dropping off the map. After months of silence she announced she'd run as an independent, implying in an email that David Layman had encouraged her do so. Anybody who ever knew David is keenly aware that he would never have encouraged anyone to run for anything unless he/she was a Democrat. So, it is unlikely Allen will find any support among Democrats who recently nominated Sam Rasoul who has already fired up the activist base of the party. According to releases, Sam will be campaigning in Staunton this afternoon and again on June 7.
CCC previously commented on Allen in "New Kid in the Coop" and the analysis stands today. Beyond her hometown of Bridgewater and the Daily News-Record, she'll get scant attention. Unless she has a sugar daddy, fundraising will be tough. My six months out prediction is 3-4%.
Chris Graham, the new chair of the Waynesboro Democratic Committee, has wasted little in setting up a website to keep local Democrats informed. Most local committee websites get little traffic as they tend to simply be online bulletin boards of coming events and rarely take edgy positions. With his background at the Augusta Free Press, Chris will likely create a lively place for online Democrats to meet. Check out the committee's new email address and Waynesboro Democrats Facebook page.
All the pecking for now. 


Anony Mous:-) said...

It doesn't bother me as an independent that you don't like Janice. What does bother me is that you don't give her equal take by allowing people to judge for themselves and putting up her website (

I wonder though, if you've ever gotten 1,000 signatures. That's not easy. Also, what's so up your butt that it matters if she "flirted" with democrats. It's obvious from her platform that she's not a Dem. and she's not a Republican...and what's with the sexist rhetoric from a Democratic hardliner? Sugar Daddy? Flirting? Sounds to me like something you wouldn't say in regards to Sam or Bob, or any other male candidate. So I'll call into question exactly how much of a Blue Dem you are.

And in any case, as proven time and again, it's the silent majority that matters...not the poorly organized handful of "Activists." And if they are as sexist as you...who really wants to be on your side anyway?

Ron said...

Janice Allen is on the ballot in November and that is what matters at this time. Whethet she is flirting with the democrats or should I say Republicrats, I do not know. All votes are fair game in politics is it not? Apparently, a lot is being said about her changing parties to be an Independant! I would like to know if Sam Rasoul has ever changed Poiltical Parties? Also, Just what was his former relationship with Bob Goodlatte?


JGFitzgerald said...

Sometimes people make comments that prove them to be either stupid or dishonest. Her comments about David qualify as such. I don't care if she runs as an independent or a fool. But like many who are still mourning David, I resent the hell out of her making statements in his name.

Anony Mous:-) said...

There is no way for anyone to know exactly what was said between David and Janice. But why does it have to make her a fool or dishonest?

I met him for the first time at Sam's announcement that he was running at Roanoke College...perhaps some of you were there, for those who were, I was in the back near the audacious fountain. You'll note (for the sake of my truthfulness) that I offered my condolences on a recent death in his (David's) family. He told me he wasn't thrilled about Sam. And, if any of you were there, you'd remember what he said about people running...he left it open to Janice (and other candidates) as well.

IF Janice was David's pick, and he died without telling anyone else, and 4/2/08 was the day she had planned to get in, who in the Democratic "elite" would believe her...the lemmings made their choice and they had already chosen a closet republican.

And I think we all know how David felt about people supporting/voting for/or paying for republicans.

Ron said...

If Janice Allen said David Layman indicated Janice was his pick to run as a Democrat than I believe her. She is very honest and she would not have said it if it were not true. If it is stupid or dishonest to make quotes from those who have died than we all must be stupid or dishonest. If you were not there when David said this to Janice, you need to give her the benefit of the doubt.


JGFitzgerald said...

Actually, no, I don't need to give her the benefit of the doubt, except to soften the possibility of dishonesty by leaving open the option of stupidity. I consider that generous. There is no way that David Layman would have encouraged an ego-centric, self-obsessed, Nader-esque independent campaign against a Democrat.

Tom said...

On 12/01/07 at Waynesboro, VA during the DPVA Quarterly Meeting, I talked to David about the nomination for House for the 6th District. To put things in a timeline:

Sam had been working for months and had helped local candidates, etc. No doubt he was running hard.

Ms. Allen had visited the committee some months earlier and expressed an interest in seeking the Democratic nomination. My recollection is that she was encouraged as any potential candidate would be; but not more. After that meeting, she seemed to disappear.

During the fall Drew Richardson was testing the waters and communicating with local committees, and I assume, with David as well. It would be a couple months before his formal announcement, but clearly he was going to run. Some frictions were developing behind the scenes.

That friction, and the best way to work through the process was the context of a 20 minute discussion I had with David at the end of the business session. While I certainly won't share everything we discussed, I came away with several vivid impressions:

David was committed to a fair and open nominating process following the party plan.

David expressed considerable affection for Sam. He spoke of him almost as a son. He was impressed with Sam's hard work, his commitment to Democratic candidates and building bridges, his growth as a candidate, and his reasoned stands on many issues.

Ms. Allen didn't come up. In a conversation so wide ranging, one would have thought another serious contender would have been mentioned, but she wasn't. I didn't ask because, quite frankly, she wasn't on my radar. In hindsight, my assumption is that David didn't bring her up because she was not relevant.

David Layman was 100% Democrat. He would never have encouraged Ms. Allen or anyone to run as an independent if there was a D next to any other candidate's name for that race. If she thinks David encouraged her, she either misinterpreted his words (perhaps he did encourage her to seek the Democratic nomination-as he would any viable candidate) or she is purposely misleading folks in the hopes of riding David's reputation and coattails.

Either way, she has not earned and does not deserve the support of 6th District Democrats.

JGFitzgerald said...


Well said. And a lot more gracious than my contributions, I might add.

Anony Mous:-) said...

I have the email that she wrote to people she had been talking to. All she says in it, about David, is that they had talked and he said "Do it." It meaning run.

It's an ambiguous statement, what exactly did he mean? Does it matter? Either way, she chose to run as an independent, not as a democrat. Obviously, in my opinion, because she doesn't completely share the views of the national Democratic party platform. She's a moderate conservative on gun laws, abortion, and the tax code.

What I think is interesting is the utter fear and childishness that is coming from "Tom" and the former mayor/city council member of Harrisonburg. Rant and rave all you like, and Belle can continue to not respond to my calling it sexist. Either way, she's going to pull away a lot more conservative leaning voters than Democratic voters. Isn't that a good thing for you people?

The most any Democrat in recent memory has gotten against Goodlatte is 40%-and that Musselwhite back in 1992 (when no one liked republican ideas). So isn't Allen the biggest blessing you've ever received? Especially since dems haven't been able to scratch up (hehe, I can play this chicken game too) a democrat since 1998? Where were you Joe? What about the Fulks? If David was so well respected why didn't he run?

The problem with the democrats in the 6th is that you people don't know the first thing about how to win an election or support. Last time around the two independents got a combined didn't even court either of them to be your candidate?

Whatever you want to say about Allen, I don't think telling her she's not going to get Democratic support is a problem.

JGFitzgerald said...

References to fear are interesting from someone who doesn't have the courage to put his name on what he says.

Clifford Garstang said...

Having also discussed Janice Lee's possible bid with David before he died, I know that he would have welcomed her to run for the Democratic party nomination, just as he enouraged a number of other people to run. He would not under any circumstances have urged her to run as an independent.

But that's beside the point now. I don't believe she brings anything at all to the table and I would urge her to support the Democratic nominee, Sam Rasoul.

Truth-teller said...

SEXIST? Would these people prefer "sugar parent"? She's a woman, I think, so it seems to me that sugar daddy is the right term if someone is bankrolling her. And someone must be--it seems a nerve was hit. And since when is "flirting" sexist? That's always gone both ways, or all ways, including sideways. In any case, Democrats need to understand that this candidate wasn't satisfied that the nomination wasn't going to be handed to her on a silver platter and so she decided wasn't going to play. A vote for her is a WASTED vote; a dollar contributed to her campaign is a wasted dollar.

Passing Through said...

Truth Teller:

Erm... she doesnt accept contributions. Maybe if you had done some actual research, you would have seen that?

Tom said...

anony mous:-) I didn't realize I was ranting. Just relating a conversation with David. You are a sensitive somebody. Related to Minnie ?

I'll agree with one point you made - there is a new generation of Democrats since the 90s. We had our problems then but the times are a changin'. We are growing and we will be winners.

anony mous:-), I know I set myself up for similar criticism, and I know this is only a blog where grammar mistakes may be overlooked, but some attention to capitalization will be appreciated. A lower case "d" democrat is one who believes in "government of the people, by the people, for the people" to quote a Republican. I presume Ms. Allen believes in democracy (am I at least right on that?), but I do have my doubts about some in the GOP.

An upper case "D" (or "R") refers to the party. As in the Democratic Party has long stood for the principles of democracy, including the right to vote, majority rule, minority rights, and equality.

Oh, and anony mous:-) or Minnie or Janice or whoever you are, I agree with "truth teller" about your sensitivity re: sexism - what is it about the satire and punch and jab of a blog that you don't get?

Truth-teller said...

Passing through:
Just because she isn't soliciting donations on her website doesn't mean she isn't accepting contributions, and campaigns are funded in some way. Maybe she's paying for it all out of her own pocket; more fool she.

But in any case, I was only responding to the silly attack by anony mous:-) on Belle Rose.

Anony Mous:-) said...

I understand the idea of the R or the D...the fact that that is the best you could do to pick on my posts is great I think. I'm not Janice. I am however someone you all know and love-or don't love. No Matter.

As I said, I was at Sam's speech at Roanoke College when he announced-Janice wasn't.

Although, to correct you (and to show off a bit), it wasn't until 1947 that the Democrats moved "into the light" of minority rights. Prior to that time they were racists. And even FDR's New Deal failed to deal with the poverty of minorities (read: African Americans, Mexicans, Asians, and Native Americans). And on top of that, Dems today fail to hail LBJ as a hero for bringing to light civil rights legislation that has inspired many public servants (me included).

It's great that all of you are scratching your heads on who exactly I am, and I like that, so I'll keep it that way for now.

What's really crazy, even after I spelled it out for you, is that you people can't let it go that she's not looking to dems (there I go again with my outlandish usage and grammar) for votes. I have a strong feeling she's going to get lots of older female Dems. But since her website (and this was noted by someone else in another blog) is heavy on the religion, she's probably gonna go for the church (conservative) vote too.

Truth-teller doth not a smart person make. If she's taking donations, she'd have to file with the Fed. Board of Elections. Anyone giving her money (after her first 5,000 spent) has to be made public. So, where's the paper trail? Even Nader showed he had given his campaign money. So, first prize goes to the first person that accuses Allen of fund raising fraud.

On that note, how much money has Sam gotten from Palestinian interest groups?

He said that he would partner with Nick Rahall of WV 3rd. Did you know his sister got paid 15k a MONTH to lobby for Qatar? And the Rahall led a resolution in support of Qatar? It's this kind of corruption that Sam (as a dem-small d on purpose) should be running far far away from. But hey, he's got a couple sisters (whom I've met), and they can lobby for stuff too. With the money his family will be raking in lobbying, he could easily give away his entire Congressional salary. That's one way to end government waste.

Your candidate wants to be a part of the system, not make it better.

Truth-teller said...

Let's see, Janice Lee's been a candidate for about 2 minutes; I'll wait a little while before I check with the FEC (which I guess is what anony mous:-) means by Fed. Board of Elections) to see where her funding comes from.

All the rest of his/her comments are made up nonsense, not to be taken seriously: allegations with no proof. I wonder if that's Janice Lee making those comments in disguise?

Anony Mous:-) said...

Again...fountain of flowing chocolate. I didn't see Allen at the Roanoke thing. There is my credibility right there. Did any of you? I'm not her. Why does it surprise you that someone might actually support her? Obviously she found 1,000 people willing to sign her petition. So, either she got lucky and found all independents, or the Rs and Ds have some hemorrhaging to take care of between now and November.

Thanks for clarifying that I did, in fact, mean the FEC. I have my mind on other things beside responding to blog posts and my mind does go elsewhere. And here is my source on Rahall (

I have no proof that Sam has taken any money from anyone. But he seems to be looking to Rahall as inspiration. If so, maybe his sisters are looking to Tanya Rahall as inspiration. Either way, you have a Democrat wanting to get elected who looks up to one who has praised a country with now opposition party. For me that's a problem. many people am I actually talking to? It's funny how close all the time stamps are with many of you today. And Belle has been surprisingly silent on this. Belle=truth-teller? Are some of you sitting in the same room?

All I'm trying to get you all to understand is that, perhaps you all are a little...what's the right word, conceited to think that Allen wants loads of Democratic support or is looking for it. She has your numbers, has she called you asking for support? She sent out an email alerting you to her choice, I understand you're all pissed at that. But she's an Independent and will get votes from whoever wants to vote for her. And someone needs to explain to me where exactly she meets up with either the Democratic or Republican platforms. If she doesn't, why should she run as either? I think it's a rather honest way to do politics.

The real question becomes, why do you feel like you have a monopoly on political truth?

Oh...and if Belle was REALLY smart she/he/it/potato/fruit could see that my IP address lists me as in NoVa.


Ron said...

Just looking at the negative comments Tom, truth-teller, Fitzgearld are conjuring up. One thought comes to mind that you people are in panic mode because she is a threat to your little Party. Your Democratic Party in the 6th Distric hasn't been a serious treat for years because of your constant bickering over little things that don't really matter. You are masters at confusing the issues. Here comes Janice Allen offering change and what do you do, you try to tear her apart becausse she has a better chance of defeating Goodlatte than your candidate. Have a good night.


Truth-teller said...

I'd say Ron and anon are a bit confused here. In the 6th District, Dems haven't put up a challenger to Goodlatte in some time, that's true, but bickering? (Have you been paying attention to the local GOP lately? Now that's bickering.) We now have an exciting, solid candidate in Sam Rasoul (those smears against Rahall, which seem to me to be just that, aren't even close to being relevant) and 6th District Democrats are united in support of him.

Janice Lee is hardly reason to panic. She's a puzzle, is all, and I don't see that she brings anything to the table.

Ron said...

Your dreaming. Go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Would you hire your son just fresh from college, hardly seasoned as an apprentice for the 6th District, or would you peel off your blinders and cleanse your neighborhood pettiness for a solid citizen, home grown, with depth, compassion and understanding of the region as your solid choice. Take your pick. The nation is already on its knees with a questionable group owning the gas, multiplying their fold and challenging the grit of our young on the battleground, easily taking our jobs and leaving us to find our roofs. We are beseiged with financial, security, medical, environmental and sleaze issues. It takes spiritual and moral depth to lead today. The choice is yours. Go ahead, cut down quality at home, cheat and fight those who care, stay ignorant and place the homegrown leader against a youngster with unknown affinity while you bicker and make wild assumptions. Yes, this is the recipe to have the rug pulled out from under you America. How sad! It takes one with a wide angle lens to see that you are quickly eating up your own in your backyards. Did you all not get what you deserve with these 8 years already. Are you better off today and making steady progress?? You can make the same mistake. Go ahead and lose out to those wet behind the ears who you know will not support your interests. It is that same ignorance that got us to bolster China and Pakistan - two well known buddies who gave the boot to those who rallied around them with blinded eye.

Janice, go for it. You are offering truth quality and maturity.

Belle Rose said...

Ron said, "If Janice Allen said David Layman indicated Janice was his pick to run as a Democrat than I believe her."

I knew David and I don't believe that for a second.

He also says, "you try to tear her apart becausse she has a better chance of defeating Goodlatte than your candidate."

You are the one dreaming. Her campaign is based on an Amway-like model - only they have good managers, good PR, and a good product.. I stand by an early prediction of 3-4%. Tops.

Ron said...

Who made you an expert. Your man sam maybe 3-4% tops.

Ron said...

To Belle Ruse:
Eight years of Clinton, 8 years of Bush and what do you have? A Mess. You Democrats and Republicans are the same. You may talk to the public like you are different but once you get elected, you morph into one and the same. That is why one well known politician calls you Republicrats. There is no longer any difference between the two. With your special interest and selling us out to a fascist system, we will all be slaves to the power brokers.

Clifford Garstang said...

I thought things were going pretty well there at the end of Clinton's term, Ron. Budget surplus, paying down the national debt, economy humming along nicely. And then Bush wrecked it all. Time for new Democratic leadership.