Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Dem Chair in Waynesboro?

Marlana Lewis, chair of the Waynesboro Democrats, has resigned. She and her family are moving to North Carolina. 
Yesterday, an article in the Augusta Free Press stated that the only announced candidate for the chair was Chris Graham. Graham is publisher/editor of the Augusta Free Press and recently lost a bid for Waynesboro City Council.
Lynn Mitchell, (aka swacgirl) screams conflict of interest conveniently forgetting Roger Ailes and all the other Republican media moguls. Oh well, she's pretty much a rightwing zealot, anyhow. Nobody pays much attention to her rants.
On the other hand, most Democrats I talk to think Graham is a hard working journalist but don't trust him. So, this rooster has to wonder how Graham will do in his attempted coup of the Waynesboro Democratic Committee. Even if he wins will he be accepted by the 6th District Committee (ah, maybe fratricide like among the Augusta GOP)? How will he get along with Augusta chair Tom Long and Staunton chair Bob Dickerman?
Stay tuned. The Waynesboro Democratic Committee meets May 22.


Chris Graham said...

I'm saddened to hear that most of the Dems that you talk to for some reason don't trust me. Obviously I have some work to do to that end.

I will say that the local committee received me with open arms last night. As I said to committee members last night, I'm hopeful that through hard work we can build a strong local party base that can give the local GOP a run for its money year in and year out, both in local elections and in state and federal elections. And I'm looking forward to working with Tom Long and Bob Dickerman, two men that I know well, and who I feel know me well, toward that end.

Belle Rose said...

"Trust" was perhaps too strong a word on my part. But, few considered you a Democrat and, until you announced for chair, some probably felt you tilted Republican. Since my original post, I have picked up a couple comments that Democrats should welcome "new" Democrats/leaders.

Chris Graham said...

No problem here. I had several really nice e-mails in my in-box last night and this morning - from rank-and-file Dems that I've had the chance to get to know over the years and from some local party leaders.

I guess if anything the idea that folks didn't know where I stand personally on the issues of the day means that I've been doing my job as a journalist right over the years.

Tom Long said...

Welcome Chris! I was one who never saw you as a Democrat. Guess that speaks to your hard work at neutrality as a journalist. Hope your entry into local party politics doesn't compromise that reputation the eyes of some readers.

I look forward to working with you during this exciting election year!

Chris Graham said...

Thanks, Tom. I have heard from Bob Dickerman and Allen Layman and a few others since I made this public, and I've said to all - I look forward to working with you!