Tuesday, May 6, 2008

City Council Elections - Dems Do Well

In Roanoke, Democrats won stunning victories for city council. David Bowers made a political comeback trouncing the incumbent, Nelson Harris. Bowers had served two previous terms as mayor.  The Democratic ticket of Anita Price, Sherman Lea, and Court Rosen was also elected, defeating three independents.
In Staunton's "nonpartisan" city council elections two candidates supported by Democrats won - David Metz and Ophie Kier. Incumbent Dickie Bell and newcomer Andrea Oakes also won election. In the last weekend of the race, a controversial ad by the so-called “Citizens Committee for Common Sense Government in Staunton” endorsed GOP candidates Dickie Bell, Rusty Ashby, and Bob Campbell. Depending on whose story is the truth, the ad may have run afoul of campaign finance laws. At any rate, the ad seems to have carried little weight and may have even hurt its intended beneficiaries. 

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