Thursday, May 1, 2008

Springsteen supports Blue Ridge Food Bank

Thanks to Cobalt6 for bringing this to the attention of Coarse Cracked Corn. In a perfect storm of converting food to fuel, oil inflation, and other factors we are seeking skyrocketing food prices. Inconvenient to many of us, this is hammering lower income families, especially hitting kids. Take Springsteen's advice and help out the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.
Bruce Springsteen electrified John Paul Jones Arena during a hard driving 2 1/2 hour performance on Wednesday night featuring a potent blend of old favorites like "Born to Run," "No Surrender," and "Promised Land" and new classics from Magic such as "Radio Nowhere" and "Long Walk Home." Although it wasn't a political performance, I was hoping Bruce would mention his endorsement of Barack Obama. There were a number of fans (including me) sporting Obama buttons or Tees. But politcs is never far from his thoughts and it is at the very core of his music. His lead-in to "Living in the Future" was a passionate reminder of constitutional rights lost over the past 7 years. During the encore, a rousing "American Land" from the Live from Dublin CD featured lyrics on the big screens driving home the band's thoughts on right wing immigration bashing. Springsteen supported the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank with a pamphlet and thoughtful words throughout the performance. If you are a fan (or not) how about supporting the Springsteen Endorsed Virtual Food Drive.

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