Thursday, August 28, 2008

A different kind of Democrat?

Sam Rasoul, the Democratic candidate for House of Representatives in the 6th District, seems to be staking out slightly different turf in his quest to unseat an entrenched incumbent. Rasoul told the Daily News-Record editorial board that his personal and religious views tell him abortion is wrong. However, Rasoul noted that "there is a difference in what I believe is my job as a legislator and what my personal convictions are . . . I don't feel the government should have the right to come and tell, during the first trimester, what [a woman] can or cannot do with her body."
Rasoul's libertarian views about keeping government out of a woman's and a family's decision comes as a refreshing difference from the GOP/Goodlatte mantra that would find government involved in our most personal lives. Many in the Valley are suspicious of "big brother" intrusions and Rasoul's position will find support from many.
Another issue where Rasoul's position resonates with frugal Valley voters is the national debt. With the national debt now at over $9.6 trillion and growing by $1.9 billion a day, Rasoul stands in sharp contrast to Goodlatte. The incumbent talks-the-talk but fails to walk-the-walk on the deficit and debt. He's known for "bringing home the bacon" and supporting Bush's budget busting continuation of the Iraq War. Rasoul vows to fight the special interests that are feeding at the trough of the federal budget and considers our debt to be a "national security" issue.
Rasoul also expressed strong support for public education and said he would oppose vouchers and tax credits. Not only would such schemes undermine public schools, they are simply another special interest grab that will make the deficit worse.
If you look at Rasoul's positions on these and other issues you'll find him an interesting mix of political ideologies. Sometimes more conservative, sometimes more liberal, sometimes libertarian - much like the voters in the 6th District. If elected, Rasoul would seek pragmatic solutions that reflect voters' views. A refreshing change after years of our "representative" marching in lockstep with Bush and the far right elements of the Virginia Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

so, he's different but just like all other democrats-no respect for human life

Belle Rose said...

It seems Rasoul is striking a balance between respect for human life and respect for privacy and women's rights. Most human beings probably fall in this middle ground.

truth-teller said...

And, as Barack Obama said last night, the first goal should be to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, which is something the folks on the Right seem unwilling to discuss.