Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Corn on the cob

Sweet corn is showing up at farmer's markets and farm stands. Nice time of the year.
The "porn trial" started in Staunton today - jury selection was the main thing on the court's docket today. By lunch break three jurors - one man and two women - had been selected. Since this is a misdemeanor trial, seven jurors are needed. Guess they'll get into opening statements and calling witnesses tomorrow, if jury selection concludes today.
A group called Virginia Veterans for Obama has a online petition - Congressman Bob Goodlatte Does Not Support Our Veterans. Recently the congressman sent a mailing falsely claiming he had supported Senator Jim Webb's G.I. Bill:
“Recently, the Congress passed, with my support, important legislation that expands the education benefits for our returning service members.”
Mr. Goodlatte actually opposed the bill and only voted for it to save face after the provisions were included in war funding legislation. If you believe that Mr. Goodlatte should fess up to false statements made during his reelection campaign, sign the petition.
Flowers bloom in the spring, campaign signs in the fall. This year they've been popping up earlier than in some elections as more and more are appearing well before the traditional Labor Day campaign kick-off. Signs don't vote or win elections, but they can give a sense party activism and, if you know whose yard it is, a notion of where support of coming from.
Because he spent a year running for the Democratic nomination, Sam Rasoul's signs have been spotted around the district for months. They even caused a bit of a stir in Botetourt County back in April. In July, Goodlatte signs started appearing, first in the southern end of the district and later in the more northern areas. A big Goodlatte sign on church property caused a controversy and was removed. Bet there are more instances of this around the district. Although I've passed through her hometown of Bridgewater several times recently, I've only spotted one Janice Lee Allen sign, which was actually on Rt. 11 near Verona. Her campaign may have gone mort. 
Other than on properties of a few well known fanatical GOPites, I have yet to see a Gilmore sign legally in a yard - but many have been planted in VDOT right-of-ways. On the other hand, I've counted a fair number of Mark Warner signs, some at homes where Democratic signs are not the norm.
Barack Obama signs are scarce as hen's teeth at the area headquarters. Rumor is that the campaign is waiting on a VP name before printing new signs and bumper stickers. Still, you can spot them throughout Rockingham and Augusta counties. There have been a few letters to the editor in the DNR complaining of stolen Obama signs. A few McCain signs are beginning to appear - most clustered with other Republican signs.

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