Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jeepers Peekers

Are you in compliance with the Code of Virginia that establishes a Putative Father Registry? This 2006 law enacted by the Virginia General Assembly is supposed to protect the rights of men who father a child out of wedlock. "How?" you might ask - by having men register the who and when (and lots more) of a sexual encounter. Then, if a child is born because of the liaison and placed for adoption, the commonwealth will notify the father so he can assert his parental rights. Gee dear, that was great sex. Now can I borrow your laptop?
But, the flip side also applies - a failure to register will mean the father waives his parental rights. The Department of Social Services will make little or no attempt to determine a child's father, to notify him about adoption proceedings, or to obtain his consent for an adoption.
Obviously, few men know about the registry and even fewer wish to register their sexual encounters with Big Brother in Richmond. So far, only about 65 men have used the system. Dumb clucks one and all.
There is so much wrong with this law that is is hard to know where to begin. There is no guarantee that information entered online is true. Because the registration includes employment and address information there is potential for abuse and harassment. And how about privacy of everyone, but most especially the hen who might not even know if the rooster registers the ins and outs of their special evening? 
Know the law - check out the details of the Department of Social Services Putative Father Registry and, if you had that special evening, be sure to register. How many eggs have you fertilized?

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