Friday, August 29, 2008


Mark Warner has declined an invitation from the League of Women Voters to debate his opponent, Jim Gilmore. The Warner campaign said it could not commit to a specific date by the League's deadline. 
Gilmore and his supporters are accusing Warner of ducking him and the issues. "What is Mark Warner hiding?" asked Gilmore.
While this debate was to have been televised statewide, Mark Warner is hardly "hiding." He previously debated Gilmore at an event sponsored by the Virginia Bar Association and both candidates have committed to a September 18 debate hosted by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. There are also several events at which the candidates will jointly appear, beginning this weekend with the Labor Day parade and speeches in Buena Vista.
Hopefully, the senatorial candidates can agree to one debate that will be televised statewide. The voters and the commonwealth demand it.
Likewise, Bob Goodlatte should agree to debate challenger Sam Rasoul - hopefully several times, with at least one televised in major markets in the 6th District. Should Janice Lee Allen be included? Only if she can demonstrate sufficient support, at least 10%, in a reputable and independent public opinion poll.


ronbailey said...

Gilmore isn't a credible candidate and has yet to earn a debate with Governor Warner. Let him get his poll numbers up first, then we can talk about a debate.

Belle Rose said...

While I agree he is a pretty pathetic candidate with little support, Gilmore is the nominee of a major party - his only source of credibility.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bailey,

I doubt Democrats of the 6th District would embrace such a criterion for debate. Aside from the possibility of debates affecting the polling numbers of all participants (a reason to include ALL announced candidates), if such a criterion did exist, Goodlatte would have even less requirement to debate than Warner.