Friday, August 22, 2008

Pop Corn

High school football kicks off the 2008 season with a few games tonight. Next week there will be a full schedule of high school games and many colleges will open their seasons. One sign of the impending end of summer.
Barack Obama's visit to Virginia continued for a second day with a stop in Chesterfield County where he was joined by Governor Tim Kaine - which reignited the speculation that Kaine would be Obama's running mate. But in comments to the press, Kaine sounded like he was off the list. He's leaving Friday night for Denver - we'll be watching the radar to see if the plane makes an emergency landing in Springfield!
I only own one house and feel pretty fortunate to have that. My guess is most Virginians are similar. But John McCain has what.... nine houses? Don't ask him, he lost count. Yet, he's a regular guy, one of us. Really? McCain worked hard for what he's gotten. What? Cluck, cluck . . . you say he married it and got free beer to boot.
President Bush has a ranch where he cuts brush and hides from the press. He likes his ranch (also Dad's place in Maine) so much that he's on pace to vacation nearly 500 days during his two terms, passing the former vacationer-in-chief Ronald Reagan who could only manage 436 days off. So John McCain, who has nine houses on seven properties, doesen't have any problem finding a comfortable vacation spot to kick back, take an afternoon nap, and sip a Bud or two. Sounds like he doesn't need 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

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