Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flying High

Virginia's Secretary of Finance, Jody Wagner, has resigned effective at the end of next week. Saying she enjoyed the job, Wagner says she will look into "other options," thought to be a run for Lt. Governor.
Jon Bowerbank, a member of the Russell County Board of Supervisors, has already announced he is seeking the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor. Bowerbank has run an aggressive early campaign, calling local party activists, politickin' at the State Convention, and mailing literature to local leaders. While he's gotten his name "out there" to some extent it has been lost in all the excitement surrounding Obama, Warner, and the spirited congressional races around the state.
Ms. Wagner, 52, is an attorney from Norfolk and is one smart lady. I knew her personally through a series of political events about 15 years ago and it was clear, even then, she was on the way up in Virginia politics. I've followed her rise in government since that time. So, even though Mr. Bowerbank has a head start, if Jody enters the race, we can expect a spirited battle. 

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