Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Repubs do when they got nothing

When they have no issues, no leadership, no vision... Virginia Republicans turn to creating issues through vague innuendo, distortions, and empty rhetoric. Consider the recent demands that Governor Tim Kaine release his travel expenses as chair of the Democratic National Committee. Delegate Chris Saxman (R-Staunton), who has no facts, can only throw out tantalizing tidbits of make believe designed to be red meat for wingnuts and to gin up campaign contributions:
"Where is the governor at any given moment? How did he get there? Did he fly commercial or use someone's private jet? These are legitimate questions that we believe should be answered."
Perhaps Mr. Saxman should look in a mirror. Last fall, as the General Assembly was moving toward its session and constituents likely had much on their minds about the falling economy and the impact on state services, where was the delegate? Out on the campaign trail for McCain and putting out Frederick's fires. During the 2008 session, he even skipped votes to campaign for McCain during the Republican primary.
Truth is, most folks in public office fill various roles - those clearly connected to the office, and others related to politics, family, and charities. Del. Saxman understands this. That's why this demand of Governor Kaine is so transparently a case of cheap political posturing for partisan gain.


unionman said...

Just another attempt by Saxman and the repugs to muddy the waters and create confusion. But then again they have a monopoly on confusion.

Anonymous said...

How is that CHANGE working out for you.