Monday, June 8, 2009


Tomorrow is primary day  in the Commonwealth. Virginia is a state with many traditions, but voting in a primary isn't one of them. Although it is an open primary - meaning anyone of any party affiliation or none at all can vote - turnout will probably be in single digits in most areas of the state. Not so good, but it does mean that every single vote is even more important. Which is why I voted early-absentee since I'll be returning home tomorrow and one delay could mean I'd be too late to vote.
So, get up with the chickens tomorrow and do your duty - VOTE. And while you are at it, vote for CCC's endorsed candidates:
Creigh Deeds for Governor. While I don't always agree with the News Leader, they have an excellent editorial endorsing Senator Deeds.
Jody Wagner for Lt. Governor.
Greg Marrow for District 25 House of Delegates.
To learn more about the CCC endorsements, check out the most recent posts.
Yep, tomorrow's primary will likely have pitiful turnout. Still, the primary will totally blow out of the barnyard the number of participants the GOP had at their recent convention, a gathering that selected the most right wing ticket possible. So while many, myself included, bemoan the lack of participation in primaries, they encourage more public debate of candidates and issues, they hone the eventual nominee's skills and organization, and they are fundamentally more democratic - both small "d" and big "D."

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