Monday, June 15, 2009

What's brewing

A coupon promotion encouraged me to pick up some Budweiser American Ale. I'm not a big Bud fan... there are better lagers and better light and watery beers for summer drinking. I do like ales like Sierra Nevada. Hops. More hops! Could Budweiser make a good ale? I gotten one of those Michelob multi-packs as a gift and enjoyed a couple of those brews, so I thought "maybe." Anyhow, the promo is for a $14 rebate for buying three 12-packs which are about $12.50 each. I bought one... no sense going overboard until I'm sure, but the promo basically means three for the price of two. Gotta buy 'em (or other Bud products) by July 12 to seal the deal.
Okay, so what's the verdict? I'll give it a thumb and a half up. Beautiful amber color. Ditto for the foamy head and lace on the glass. Aroma is malty with pronounced hops. Fairly strong hop aftertaste... maybe lingers a bit too long. Mouthfeel is a bit light for an ale (but not thin like Bud). All in all, good taste and aroma. Fair mouthfeel.
Will I buy it again... yeah, I'll probably buy enough to get the $14. May buy it again in the fall (amber ales go with cool nights) if I hit a sale. Very good (not great) brew from a major brewer. Couple bucks less for a 12-pack and this would be right on. Kudos to A-B. Double kudos to the craft brews who are forcing the hands of the big boys.
Beer humor - Q: how is sex in a canoe similar to Coors Light? A: both are f*cking close to water.
Time for another of my favorite cheap beer. It ain't Bud. What is it?


Progressive said...

Don't tell me it's Pabst Blue Ribbon...say it ain't so.

Belle Rose said...

Hey, it did win a BLUE RIBBON.