Monday, June 22, 2009

In case you missed it

You may have missed the recent issue of The Hook and its excellent article about Creigh Deeds' victory in the Democratic Primary. The Hook's Lindsay Barnes was at the Omni Hotel for Deeds victory party as the early results came in. Barnes watched as Bob Gibson, executive director of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, followed early returns on a laptop. Deeds was beating McAuliffe and Moran in Northern Virginia - their home turf. "It is over," said Gibson.
Deeds placed much of the credit for his victory on popular Democratic governors and their successes in Richmond:
Whether it was cast in Abingdon or Arlington, Highland or Henrico, or right here in Thomas Jefferson's hometown, Charlottesville, it was a vote to continue the progress we've made under Democratic governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.
A companion article at the same link examines the role of the Washington Post endorsement of Deeds, something that drew previous CCC attention.
Anyone who followed his political career, or who has read about Deeds' victory, knows Creigh is a winner and his opponents take him lightly at their own risk. Creigh won elections to the House of Delegates in areas where Republicans have an edge, He survived, even prospered, when the GOP gerrymandered his Senate district. Now he humbled two well-known and well-funded opponents in the primary.
Taliban Bob better be afraid... very afraid.

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