Friday, March 5, 2010

In league with liars

It isn't just Senate Republicans who are engaging in a systematic campaign of lies and fear mongering about healthcare... various front groups are right there spreading much of the same garbage in TV ads in local markets. One of those front groups, the League of American Voters (are they deliberately trying to confuse us by sounding like the very responsible League of Women Voters?), is running an ad attacking Rep. Tom Perriello (VA-05). With their nice name, it sounds like we are all members and Dick Morris, their main ad writer, is speaking for all of us. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the name is a lie, how can we believe anything else they say?
According to SourceWatch, the League of American Voters essentially consists of Morris and one other staff member. They share an address with another ultra conservative front group, Americans for Tax Reform, and have overlap with organizers of Tea Parties. In other words, the league does not represent you and me - it really represents Morris (who is trying to sell his book), big pharma, health insurance companies, and right wing crackpots. says the league's ads are filled with buzzwords like "rationing" and "tax surcharge" and include a number of misleading claims - incorrectly stating future costs and asserting there will be a tax increase without saying that very few people make enough to pay it. The ads are running nationwide against Democrats in targeted districts like VA-05, which is represented by a courageous freshman incumbent.
Educate yourself. Tell your friends about the lies in the ads. Tell NBC29 they are airing garbage. And even if you don't live in VA-05, make a donation to Tom Perriello's campaign.


James Young said...

Yeah, it's kind of like the "League of Women Voters" claiming to be "non-partisan."

Anonymous said...

Tom Perriello sent out a mailer this week at the tax payers expense full of lies. So i would say that you Belle Rose are in a league with liars.

Mary said...

The League of Women Voters is about as close to nonpartisan as these groups get, so I'm not sure what James means. The GOP and allies are very good at using fear as a marketing tool. Perhaps it just comes natural to them to be against rather that for?