Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is having IMPACT™ a good idea?

Frustrated with budget cuts and impairment of a range of public services, Keith Drake of the Albemarle County Taxpayers Association has set up a group called IMPACT™ that calls itself a "resource for the terminally undertaxed." IMPACT™ acknowledges that some folks - those who have recently lost jobs, for example - can't afford a tax increase. But Drake and many others are worried that budget cuts are beginning to have an adverse impact on his area's quality of life. IMPACT™ provides an avenue for citizens to pay additional taxes to Charlottesville, Albemarle County, or the Commonwealth of Virginia. NBC29 has the story including the group's press release.
Many who are worried about teacher layoffs and bulging classes, school closings, non-prosecution of crimes, fewer police on the roads, and a range of other cutbacks want to help close some of the budget gap. IMPACT™ gives them a way to do so. Of course, taxpayers can always make voluntary donations to educational programs, to libraries, and virtually any other part of government if they desire.
But, there is a flip side that is amply illustrated by those who believe the lottery pays for K-12 education. Does lottery profits go to education - yes. Does it come close to paying the full costs of K-12 education in the Commonwealth - no. Yet, we've heard folks say things like "why raise taxes, doesn't the lottery pay for it." Therein lies the danger - tea party types who want to downsize government anyhow, will applaud the idea of "voluntary" taxes or paying taxes only for those services with which they agree. Government would exist in name only.
We are reminded of the famous Oliver Wendell Holmes quote, "taxes are the price we pay for civilization." Unfortunately some of the anti-tax wingnuts don't believe in civilization (or science or public education...).


James Young said...

Yeah. Be sure to report on precisely how many people contribute to this "tax-me-more" fund.

By the way, did you do so?

If not, be sure and just shut up about wanting to pay more taxes, as you will have demonstrated by deeds, not words, that you're really not interesting in paying more; what you're really interested in is having ME pay more.

James Young said...
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James Young said...
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Belle Rose said...

I don't live in Charlottesville/Albemarle, so no I didn't contribute to IMPACT. But, I contribute annually to volunteer rescue/fire squads in my area (not gov, but provide a gov service in most areas), to a k-12 education foundation, and to activities at a public school. So JimBob, I won't shut up. I live, and contribute money and time, and back up my beliefs in my daily life... (spent 4 hours in volunteering today)

BlueRager said...

I'm glad to hear that there is a group of concerned citizens who actually understand the true cost of "tax cuts." Mr. Young has demonstrated the reflexive anti-tax fervor of the "pot hole" party. It's HIS money.