Saturday, March 27, 2010

Visualizing the Census form return rates

The U.S. Census Bureau and Google Earth announced a project to track the 2010 census participation of returns of forms by state, county, and census tracts. A couple weeks ago the Census Bureau mailed questionnaires to 120 million households... and they are coming in to data centers every day. Using the Google Earth layer will show the percentage of forms that have been received - data is not available by household nor are answers on questionnaires tabulated. Return rates for the 2000 census are also posted. The daily updates will continue through mid April.
As of Friday, March 26 the return rate for the State of Virginia was 39%. Most localities in the CCC area are slightly better: Augusta County- 43%, Rockingham County - 44%, Rockbridge County - 39%, Bath County - 31%, Highland County - 26%, Staunton - 46%, Waynesboro - 44%, and Harrisonburg - 36%.
If you want to save the U.S. Government some money, and yourself some hassle, return your census form promptly. Homes from which no form is received can expect a visit from a census enumerator, perhaps multiple visits, until the information is obtained. Answers are completely confidential and are required by law. For most households completing the questionnaire will only take 5-10 minutes. More.

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