Thursday, March 11, 2010

The phone call

Ring. Ring.
"Hello. Yes, I sent a letter to the editor or the Valley Teapot Tempest. Huh....?
Yes, I know you bill yourselves as a 'journal of Shenandoah Valley Patriots' and that you are part of the local tea party gang... but I thought you'd publish at least a few different opinions...
Okay, group not gang. And yeah, I know you want to execute all terrorists, but I believe that a hallmark of our system of justice is the right to counsel. Liz Cheney's vicious attack on the Justice Department and attorneys who represent accused terrorists crosses the line... many Republicans are criticizing her ill-considered comments for undermining the Constitution and our system of justice... even John Adams represented...
No, I don't agree that a lawyer who represents an accused terrorist is a terrorist himself. Just like a lawyer who represents a bank robber isn't a bank robber himself...."
Beep. Beep.
"Excuse me, I have an incoming call. I'll be back in a minute....
Okay, I'm back. Glad I took that call... was some nice fellow named Dick. He invited me to join him and some buddies on a quail hunt in Texas this weekend. Sounds like it could be fun...."

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