Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Red Bricks

Staunton has laid out the red carpet... I mean the red bricks... as part of a marketing campaign to attract attention, tourists, and business for 17 art galleries, theaters, and museums, all within an easy walk. Tourism already supports nearly 600 jobs and nets about $2 million in taxes which organizers expect to grow under the new promotion. Pointing to Richmond's Carytown and Charlottesville's downtown mall, Erik Curren, chair of the Staunton Arts & Culture Council, said,
“Many states and cities around the country are realizing that the arts and culture mean good business. We want our name to resonate across the eastern seaboard for what Staunton has to offer that's welcoming and unique.”
The promotion will expand the marketing dollars and reach of members such as the American Shakespeare Center, the Co-Art Gallery, and the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. The council has created a colorful and informative Red Brick District brochure and will feature a series of events during the Arts-and-Culture Week that begins Saturday, October 17. Among the highlights:
  • the Augusta County Historical Society will host a free workshop for adults, "When Bad Things Happen to Good Documents" on how how to care for family photographs and papers;
  • the cast and musicians from ShenanArts’ upcoming show Cotton Patch Gospel will perform in various locations on Beverley Street;
  • a free tour of Blackfriars Playhouse.
Of note: Erik Curren is one of the key people behind the Staunton Arts & Culture Council and is also running for 20th District House of Delegates. His evident leadership and initiative is yet another reason voters should should send him to Richmond. He is a mover and a shaker!

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