Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Secret Socialist?

I don't often troll by to read swacgirl's gibberish, but I wanted to see how she'd misreported Francis Chester's day in court. When she finally posted something, it was a doozy of a stinker - we can all agree that comparing Francis Chester to Thomas Jefferson as a modern day incarnation of the "Citizen Farmer Patriot" is beyond absurd. I'd call it chicken sh*t.
But, that's not the subject of this post. Seems swacgirl/Lynn Mitchell is a closet socialist. Yep, if you scroll a bit on her blog you'll find she really admires government involvement in private business and government ownership of our most precious resources.
The evidence - she extolls the virtues of the Staunton trolley, which is city-owned and free to anyone. Damn the city - a private entrepreneur is denied the chance to make a profit! Then in series of posts she sings the praises of our National Parks and Shenandoah National Park in particular. Our National Parks are one of the greatest examples of government acquiring (sometimes by eminent domain) our most treasured resources for the common good so that all may enjoy them no matter their economic means. Mountaintop KOA, anyone?
I like the trolley (but have never taken a ride) and love our National Parks. But, then again, I believe government can be a positive influence in people's lives and think many government programs are good even if they don't benefit me personally. Lynn, and her ilk only like government when they reap the rewards. Does she have a problem living in a "commonwealth?"


Anonymous said...

Chester didnt even take the time to VERIFY the signatures of those who signed the petitions. So naturally the County has them verified, which costs taxpayer money, and low and behold there is less then 8,000 actual landowners who signed it! Plus the BOS has nothing to do with a reassesment its the Board of Assessors and she is saying that the taxpayers shouldnt be reimbursed for Chesters negligence? Please.

Mary said...

Too funny ;>)

Anonymous said...

Chester is the little man's champion. You gov't suck-ups make me sick.