Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Global Warming Is Good

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, including its local chapters here in the Valley, has a long history poo pooing the solid scientific proof on global warming. Now the Chamber seems to have changed its mind and even thinks climate change and warmer temperatures are a good thing. Cluck?
So, the good news is one of the largest business groups has acknowledged the fact fact of global warming (next up... the world is a globe), in part because a number of their member businesses have already reached that conclusion.
But, the bad news is the Chamber seems to think it is a good thing. Back in June the EPA found that high levels of carbon dioxide presents a danger to human health. In a response, the Chamber made some downright crazy assertions:
  • "Humans have become less susceptible to the effects of heat due to a combination of adaptations, particularly air conditioning. The availability of air conditioning is expected to continue to increase." Hey, this bird doesn't have AC... oh, it will be good for business of cooling contractors and electric companies.
  • "Reduced exposure to cold days is a significant factor in the increased life expectancy experienced in the U.S. over the past 30 years. This benefit from reduced exposure to cold can be further attributed to people migrating to warmer climates." Florida is coming to me so I don't have to migrate.
  • "[T]he scientific evidence is clear that cold is a more potent hazard than heat." Is that why poultry houses have heaters but no air conditioning?
Read more about the Chamber of Horrors... I mean Commerce, at Mother Jones.


Anonymous said...

Belle Rose i do not agree with you on most of your political views,however you do seen to have a genuine heart felt care about our world. I thought it was a great thing you did cleaning up the river. With that said Va has several rivers that have very high PCB levels. This is a problem i have tried very hard to work on, but im sad to say i haven't been able to get anything done on. Would you consider helping this Republican on this issue ?

Belle Rose said...

What rivers? Post a link or two where I can learn more. I'm involved with Fr. of the Shenandoah... mostly on e-coli issues. Also in Sierra Club. Yes, I'll work with anyone on helping our environment... even a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Roanoke (staunton) rivers along with parts of Buggs Island lake. DEQ hasn't been any help at all.