Saturday, October 17, 2009

WaPo Set To Endorse Deeds

Concluding with the words below, the Washington Post will endorse Creigh Deeds for Governor. A link will be added tomorrow. It is a thoughtful, accurate, and timely assessment of the importance of this gubernatorial election... please read it carefully.
"Mr. Deeds, lagging in the polls, lacks Mr. McDonnell's knack for crisp articulation. But if he has not always been the most adroit advocate for astute policies, that is preferable to Mr. McDonnell's silver-tongued embrace of ideas that would mire Virginia in a traffic-clogged, backward-looking past. Virginians should not confuse Mr. McDonnell's adept oratory for wisdom, nor Mr. Deeds's plain speech for indirection. In fact, it is Mr. Deeds whose ideas hold the promise of a prosperous future."
The full endorsement, Mr. Deeds for Governor, is here. Read its thoughtful analysis closely. McDonnell has run a great campaign but we can't trust him with our Commonwealth. Deeds' campaign has been shaky at times, but we can trust him with our future. Creigh Deeds will make a great Governor.

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Anonymous said...

A left-wing out of state newspaper endorses Creigh(whats in your wallet)Deeds at the same time two in state newspapers endorse Bob McDonnell.