Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grits and Red Eye Gravy

A Shenandoah Valley blogger, Riley Murry, has "Blue Roots in the Red Zones" on the Huffington Post. Good read. Good insights.
The News Leader has confirmed the opening of a Staunton headquarters for Barack Obama. Chris Saxman's comments sound like he's been scratching in the litter but not coming up with much. Tough times for Republicans.
Raising Kaine has a couple great posts about the national media cackling on Tim Kaine as VP here and here. From this perch, I think the talk about Kaine is genuine, but it is likely a trial balloon. We'll see how the winds blow it around over the next few days - that could seal the deal one way or another. Upside - Kaine was an early Obama supporter and might give Obama a lock on Virginia and help in other southern states. Downside - Kaine, as much as I think him a good egg, hasn't had a barn burner of a term as governor and he doesn't help Obama like somebody with a foreign/military policy pedigree would. Plus, his exit might open up some advantages for the GOP in the state.
Last point - my bumper sticker survey during my road trip reveals Obama - 3 and McCain - 1. Thought I'd see more. Lots more! While political geeks are blogging, most of America is on vacation, playing softball, picking tomatoes in the garden, or watching the tube (anything but politics). Cluck!

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