Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scrambled, fried, or just cracked

Todd Gilbert retracted (sort of) and then restated (again, sort of) his absurd statements that Barack Obama is a "borderline communist," a "marxist," and a "socialist." Gilbert told the Northern Virginia Daily, "sometimes to make a point you use exaggeration."
Cluck! That sounds like a step in the right direction. Okay Todd, you were caught up in the moment, the scrambled eggs were hot, you were surrounded by Republican loyalists, and you threw them some red hot sausage.
Then, with the advantage of hindsight and (one would suppose) rational thought (can Republicans do that?), you uttered the following distortions and misrepresentations: "the fact remains that Obama uses the rhetoric of class struggle, his policies rely on heavy progressive taxation and the redistribution of wealth." (emphasis mine)
Whoa. Todd is a Republican who supports president Bush. Talk about a big, prying government kind of guy. Spying on citizens. Tax breaks weighted to help his rich friends in their "class struggle." Tax breaks for big oil. The biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle and lower economic classes to the wealthy since when . . . the Gilded Age? His friend in the White House doesn't mind bailing out the mortgage industry (and neither do I as long it is focused on the little birds instead of the vultures), but what happened to the "invisible hand" of capitalism that you cherish in your bird brain?
"tippingpoint" said it best in his post at the Northern Virginia Daily:
Delegate Gilbert clearly proves that passing the Virginia SOL's is not a requirement to serve in the legislature of this great Commonwealth. He must have been sleeping in his Social Studies classes. Calling Barack Obama a "Marxist" is simply stupid. I doubt Mr. Gilbert knows the difference between Marxism and the Marx Brothers. He couldn't tell the difference between a Socialist and socialite. The King of "big goverment" debt growth is good 'ol "C student" GW Bush. Gilbert's jibber jabber has more in common with the fanatical jihadist rants of Al-Qaeda, than with the common-sense GOP of fair-minded Republicans like Dwight Eisenhower, GHW Bush, Gerald Ford, and good 'ol John Warner. Virginia Republicans - Get a Grip! Don't lose the Grand Old Party to wingnuts like Del. Gilbert!
The good folks of Shenandoah County deserve better representation than they are getting from Todd Gilbert. As voters find out the truth about wingnuts like Gilbert (he has a clone or two south on the 81 corridor), Democrats have been gaining seats in the General Assembly. It may take some time to scour out all the bad eggs here in the Valley where Republicans are entrenched like burnt eggs in a cast iron frying pan. Shenandoah County Democrats have less than a year to find a good candidate to challenge this cracked egg. Happy good egg hunting.


Anonymous said...

GOP talking points are getting old and tired. Gilbert is a fool and knave. He should stay home and plant tomatoes, blow up his TV, eat some peaches. Apologies to John Prine-I'm sure he wasn't thinking of a jerk like Gilbert.

Anonymous said...

Enough Todd Gilbert bashing already!

His statement that Obama is a "borderline communist" moved the leftist Senator to the right. Obama's Marxist credentials are deep and long-standing. In his book, Dreams from My Father, he speaks fondly about his mentor, "Frank," who was Frank Marshall Davis, a communist organizer from Chicago who befriended the Obama family after moving to Hawaii to work for the party infiltrating the NAACP and fomenting dissent in the longshoremen's union.

By his own admission, Obama spent his college years seeking out "Marxist" professors and "resisting bourgeois society's stifling constraints." After college, Obama worked with several Alinskyite organizations in New York and Chicago using class antagonism to foment hostility toward the establishment. Aliinsky was a socialist who wrote Rules for Radicals dedicated to Lucifer, the first radical. He advocated "rubbing raw the wounds of discontent" to gain political power, a communist strategy.

Obama's entry into politics came with the help of former Weatherman terrorists William Ayers and Bernadette Dorn and state senator Alice Palmer. Palmer sat on the board of the World Peace Council's U.S. affiliate. The Council was founded by Stalin in 1948 as a communist front group and funded by the USSR.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright another Obama mentor, whose "God damn America" tirade caused Obama to reject him as collateral damage, preaches a philosophy based on class struggle and black liberation theology, also Marxist.

A last point: the Communist Party glowingly endorses Obama.

Todd Gilbert didn't get it quite right; there is nothing "borderline" about Barack Obama.