Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good Deeds in Staunton

State Senator Creigh Deeds was greeted by over 80 enthusiastic supporters at White Star Tavern for lunch yesterday. The boisterous crowd finally settled down to lunch and to listen to Creigh's talk about the values he brings from his Bath County roots and his answers to questions about transportation, education, gerrymandering, and his goals as governor.
Deeds faces Delegate Brian Moran for the party nomination. Moran, who represents Alexandria/Fairfax leads in early fundraising, partly because of high dollar events in NOVA. Deeds points to his statewide name recognition and service in both houses of the General Assembly as key advantages. He lost the '05 race for attorney general by less than 400 votes although is opponent out-spent him by nearly 2-1. Deeds picked up over $6,000 at this lunch on a sunny summer day in a political season in which voters are more focused on the national election - that ain't chicken feed.
While the crowd was mostly Democratic, there were a number of business and professional men and women you'd see mostly in the GOP flock or as solo birds. At least one high dollar donor to Goodlatte was present. Creigh has always been able to work across party lines and has electoral appeal to many independents and some Republicans. A strong argument for his nomination - that ain't chicken litter.
Coverage in The News Virginian and on NBC29. For some reason The News Leader was a dead duck although their offices were just a short walk away - not uncommon for the unpredictable paper.
Peck. Peck.

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