Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Goose Egg

Jim Gilmore passed through the Valley yesterday. From the coverage, it looks like he stopped by friendly businesses where he was guaranteed an audience. Few other residents took notice. Although he dubbed this a "working families tour," other than talking about gas prices he really didn't address much of concern to the average families I know.
His main point was off-shore drilling, just the decision to do it, would lower gas prices tomorrow. Apparently Mr. Gilmore is unaware that in 2006 Congress cleared 8.3 million acres 125 miles off the Florida coast for exploration and drilling. The oil companies viewed it as cost prohibitive until the recently. 3-D mapping and other studies will take at least two years and only then will the first hole be drilled, if it is believed to be commercially viable. So, Mr. Gilmore, it is more than a little bit dishonest to suggest a decision today will give give us relief at the pump tomorrow. Election pandering - but cluck, cluck - you are a master at that!
Mr. Gilmore failed to talk about saber rattling on Iran, unbridled speculation, and the weak dollar as causes of increased oil prices. How about raising the margin for speculators? Or making them take at least partial delivery of a futures contract? Perhaps moving toward a balanced budget to help strengthen the dollar (but that might mean spending less in Iraq)?
Mr. Gilmore, next time you come to the Valley, be prepared to talk about all the possible solutions. Guess I'm just crowing in the wind. You will continue to pander. Voters fell for your slogans a few years ago. They won't again.
Fool the voters once, shame on you. This time voters "Won't get fooled again!"

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