Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goodlatte lays rotten eggs

Bob Goodlatte sent a mailer that is just arriving in mailboxes in the 6th Congressional District in which he says:
"Recently the Congress passed, with my support, important legislation that expands the education benefits for our returning service members."
That legislation, initiated by Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) enjoyed wide bipartisan support and the overwhelming support of a grateful American people.
Trouble is, Bob Goodlatte's taxpayer funded mailer is a disgusting lie. Goodlatte, following the lead of George Bush who threatened to veto the G.I. Bill, voted no. Only after the bill passed with such huge support that the president withdrew his opposition, did Bob Goodlatte support the G.I. Bill which had been included in an appropriations bill.
In another rotten decision, Bob Goodlatte voted no on the House Judiciary Committee motion to hold Karl Rove in contempt for his refusal to testify before Congress. During the impeachment of President Clinton, Goodlatte talked glowingly of the rule of law and the constitutional responsibilities of Congress. Now, when a Machiavellian political operative, Karl Rove, refuses to appear before our national legislature to answer questions about the prosecution of former Governor Donald Siegelman of Alabama and the politically motived firings of U.S. District Attorneys, Goodlatte forgets all about the rule of law and subverts legitimate congressional oversight powers to blatant partisanship.
Bob Goodlatte has laid so many rotten eggs, the voters should kick his sorry tail feathers out of the henhouse. He has failed to represent them or our great nation.

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