Friday, May 29, 2009

Endorsement - Lt. Governor

A whole flock of Democratic candidates gathered for the Lt. Governor contest, but nearly all have flown the coop and we're looking at two choices. Nevertheless, this race is difficult for many Democrats. For one thing, both candidates, Jody Wagner and Mike Signer are good solid individuals and each would make a fine Lt. Governor. For another thing, many folks just aren't paying close attention to the race - in addition to all the nonpolitical distractions of springtime, happenings in D.C. and the gubernatorial race are sucking most of the air out of the media and money from donors.
But, the nomination of the Lt. Governor candidate is important for a number of reasons. The Lt. Governor presides over the Virginia Senate and can be an ambassador for various policy initiatives. Most importantly however, the Lt. Governor is poised to run for Governor four years down the road. So, this nomination is as much about the future as it is today.
So, while we have two good candidates, assessments and choices have to be made in the best interests of Virginia and of the Democratic Party. CCC endorses Jody Wagner for Lt. Governor.
I've known Jody for years and have followed her impressive career in Virginia politics - in my mind, this was her trump card. She is has a more varied experience, a depth of background, and a record of achievement that her opponent cannot match. Jody served in both the Warner and Kaine administrations with distinction. During the Warner years she was Virginia Treasurer and an essential part of putting the Commonwealth's fiscal house in order after the disaster wrought by the last Republican in the Executive Mansion. Governor Kaine tapped Jody to serve as Secretary of Finance where she helped him prepare plans for the coming recession that turned out to be deeper than almost anyone predicted.
With Jody on the statewide ticket, Democrats will enjoy a gender and geographic balance that will help our other statewide candidates as well as many candidates for House of Delegates.
CCC is pleased to support Jody Wagner for Lt. Governor.

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