Friday, May 15, 2009

Just as...

Just as I was rethinking my position on the Virginia lieutenant governor contest and have been increasingly impressed with Jon Bowerbank, he decides to drop out of the race. In recent weeks, his positions and energetic campaign made me wonder if he'd be the strongest candidate. I've known, admired, and personally liked Jody Wagner since I was part of a political class with her many years ago. But, Bowerbank seemed to be hitting the right chords for many Democrats and I'll admit he'd gotten my attention.
In deciding to end his campaign, Bowerbank said he couldn't devote his full energies to the campaign and added:
Now simply wasn’t my time. I resolutely believe, however, that my time will come. In the future I intend to again offer myself for public service. When that time comes I will be prepared to run and to serve.
Bowerbank endorsed Jody Wagner, saying in a written statement:
I have gotten to know Jody well on the campaign trail and believe she would be a great nominee and a great lieutenant governor.
With this development, I enthusiastically endorse Jody Wagner for lieutenant governor of the Commonwealth. She is clearly the best candidate and is well prepared to be lieutenant governor of Virginia. Visit her website and learn more about Jody. Donate a few dollars while you are there.

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