Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring rain, frost?

Most areas of the Valley received some nice spring rain as boomers rolled through late yesterday. The moisture ought to kick the grass and gardens into higher gear - if the tomatoes and other tender plants can dodge the patchy frost that may hit early tomorrow morning. Usually I adhere to the wisdom of waiting until May 20th or even the 25th, but not this year. I'm optimistic that we'll be OK, but I may get burned by my impatience. The long range looks safe if we get by tomorrow.
Spent yesterday afternoon doing a "rain dance," by which I mean washing and polishing a couple of vehicles. Sure enough, I was buffing off the last of the haze when the first big cold drops hit. My reward is seeing the drops beaded on shiny hoods. Used Nu Finish which I've found lasts a long time and is easy to apply and buff. Is it just me, or does a shiny car seem to run better? Actually a clean smooth surface should help MPG just a little. Checked tire pressures, too. With gas prices creeping up, every little advantage helps!

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