Friday, May 8, 2009

GOP worries in the Shenandoah Valley

While the national Republicans seem to be imploding with each passing day, there is new evidence they are increasingly worried about what for years has been considered safe turf - the Shenandoah Valley. Craig Orndorff, a 22 year old native of Shenandoah County, has been hired by the RNC to be the party's Shenandoah Valley field representative for the 2009 elections. He'll have an office in Harrisonburg and presumably a budget. The job description, according to his blog
In my capacity I’ll be doing alot of work in the field, and via the written word, photos, and video, I hope to bring you a glimpse of the campaign that is often underreported in the media–the grassroots.
Orndorff's credentials include being legislative assistant for Delegate Todd Gilbert and working for various other Republicans and activities in the Shenandoah Co. Republican Committee.
From a Democratic perspective, this is great news! The very fact that the RNC has to cover their ass in this region speaks volumes about the progress the Democratic Party has made in the past several years. In nearly every locality, Barack Obama did far better than Democratic presidential candidates have done in many cycles. Mark Warner carried nearly every area and even where he didn't win, came very close. Democrats have picked up local offices, especially in the cities. And, all of the local Democratic committees are active, engaged, with growing membership!
Plus, if the GOP spends more money and resources here, that's less for them to utilize in other parts of the state. The prospects for a Democratic majority in the House of Delegates are looking brighter!
Meanwhile some local GOP committees and the RPV are bickering among themselves. Maybe Craig's first mission is to break out a peace pipe?
What probably got the RNC's attention is the blue tide that is risin' all over the Valley in '09. Democrats have strong candidates in every House of Delegates district. While they've been working to find solutions, the Party of NO is back on their heels after turning their backs on Virginia's unemployed.
Orndorff's post is titled "Change is a-comin'." Craig, maybe you missed the message: change is already here and we're moving forward.

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Grozet said...

So by your logic Democrats wouldn't hire operatives in Northern Virginia.

Please make sure to send Dickie Cranwell an email to tell him the good news!