Monday, May 11, 2009

Goodlatte reliable ally in politics of division

Some Republicans in the House of Representatives are so blindly partisan that they'll vote against constituents and common sense in order to get their jabs in at President Barack Obama and their Democratic colleagues. Here in the 6th District of Virginia, we're "lucky" to have such a congressman - one who votes the party line even when patently wrong.
Earlier this month the House of Representatives voted 357-70 to curb credit card companies from charging excessive fees and jacking up interest rates unreasonably. Only two Virginia representatives voted with the minority - the minority whip Eric Cantor (R-7th) and Bob Goodlatte (R-6th). Cantor attempted to explain his vote by taking a line from Capital One which argued some people would have credit denied (sounds eerily similar to the payday lender line). Capital One is a big player in Cantor's district, but the real reason for his vote was the politics of division - it is Cantor's job #1 as minority leader to oppose anything and everything the Democrats are for.
What about Goodlatte? As far as I know he hasn't explained his vote on this bill, but ever since he was first elected he's been a reliable vote for the GOP leadership - when in the majority and now that they are an incredible shrinking minority. On the credit card bill, Goodlatte clearly forgot his constituents, fairness, and common sense. He owes 6th District residents an explanation. Don't hold your breath! Besides, we already know the answer.

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