Friday, September 19, 2008

Ballot Birds

The Virginia ballot for President and Vice President will be as follows:
  • Democratic Party - Barack Obama and Joe Biden
  • Republican Party - John McCain and Sarah Palin
  • Independent Green Party - Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle
  • Libertarian Party - Bob Barr and Wayne Root
  • Green Party - Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente
  • Independent - Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez
Looks like the guy at the fair seeking signatures for the Constitution Party didn't have much success.
What will the impact of the minor party candidates be on the race in battleground Virginia? Only two tickets, led by Bob Barr and Ralph Nader, enjoy the name recognition and some resources to have any impact. The others might as well not even be on the ballot - cumulatively they'll be lucky to get 1/2% of the vote. 
Ralph Nader is well known and does have a following. He may appeal to some progressive Democrats, but the sense seems to be that most of his former supporters wish he'd just go away. He's been there, done that and sounds like a tired old war horse who is best left out to pasture. Nader will be lucky to get 1%.
On the other hand, Bob Barr has some appeal to the same Republicans who supported Ron Paul in the primaries - an outspoken group who were willing to put their money where their mouth is. As McCain flop flops on issues, some libertarian leaning conservative Republicans will find him totally unacceptable. Barr will have some appeal because he's new on the presidential scene, has media savvy, and because he's outspoken and takes controversial stands. Barr gets a fair amount of publicity for a minor party candidate. It is possible Barr will get 3-4% of the popular vote, all out of McCain's weathered hide. In a tight race, that could make all the difference and help turn Virginia Blue.
In the U.S. Senate race the Virginia ballot will be:
  • Democrat - Mark Warner
  • Republican - Jim Gilmore
  • Independent Green - Gail Parker
  • Libertarian - William Redpath
The two minor party candidate will have almost zero impact and one may wonder why they are even on the ballot. Of course, the same can probably be said about Gilmore.


Progressive said...

Despite the anger that many Democrats feel towards Ralph, I have supported him in this past because of his progressive agenda. However not this time. With the balance of power of the Supreme Court in the hands of the next President, as well as dozens of major issues affecting the United States and the World, I am supporting Senator Barack Obama. However, not to sound too pessimistic, but there is much to do in order to overcome the last 8 years of the criminal-in-chief. It's not going to be easy.

Unknown said...

Although the Constitution Party isn't on the ballot, isn't the Indpendent Green nominee the same guy?

Progressive said... did that happen?

Belle Rose said...

Researching the Indy Greens now. Will post soon. Yes, you are right Cliff..... the VA Indy Greens ended up nominating the Constitution Party candidate, I think, from the little I've read, because they couldn't find their own candidate.