Thursday, September 11, 2008

Putting pressure on the old bird

Sam Rasoul is keeping up the pressure on Bob Goodlatte to participate in debates. Rasoul has proposed six debates with two in each of the major regions of the sprawling 6th District. Goodlatte has not agreed to any debates, but his spokesman says he hasn't ruled it out.
As expected, Goodlatte is blaming the congressional schedule for making it hard to agree on debate dates. But, Goodlatte has attended a convention watch party and other events although Congress has yet to recess. Truth is, Goodlatte doesn't want to debate and he'll stall, delay, explain, and complain for as long as he can - at this point he's running the clock out. Goodlatte fears questions about how little he's achieved, his blind partisanship that has him joined at the brain with George Bush, and his broken promise.
To her credit, Janice Lee Allen is calling on Goodlatte to debate. But, with her polling about 3%, her inclusion in a debate would be, at best, a distraction that would take time away from the incumbent and Rasoul - the only individuals with a shot to win. Before getting her own podium, she should demonstrate double digit strength in an independent poll. Ms. Allen got a little free PR on NBC29 tonight. While demonstrating her ability to push in the stakes of a yard sign, she accused Rasoul of being a big taxer (huh? has she even listened to him?), and then out of the blue said "someday there will be no food on the table . . ." (Where did that come from?).
Keep up the pressure Rasoul. The voters deserve to hear the leading candidates in this race. Our democracy demands it!

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