Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recently spotted

A friend recently spotted this billboard on Rt. 11 just inside the northern Staunton city limits. It is visible while driving south. The disclaimer says the Augusta and Staunton Dems paid for it.
In spite of some GOP bloggers saying the local Democratic committees aren't engaged in this race, things like this shout otherwise.
According to one political insider who has seen some polling, the rumblings of discontent about a congressman staying in Congress so long, when he said he wouldn't, is gaining some traction among Valley voters. In fact, she said it is resonating even louder in the wake of the past week's economic and political meltdowns. All long time incumbents seem to have some risk - they've been there for many terms, they got us into this mess, and they seem impotent to fix it.


Anonymous said...

This is what Goodlatte said about the bailout or rescue (whatever you want to call it)

"...we must eliminate the government imposed mark-to-market accounting regulations that artificially devalue assets in times of market instability."

In all that gibberish he lost 99% of folks. Doubt he even knows what he said, or meant.... the more he talks, the more it is clear he's outlived his usefulness.

Anonymous said...

what did that cost? pissin good money after a bad candidate.

Belle Rose said...

I doubt the committees who paid for the billboard consider it a waste. It is interesting that Dems in Rockingham and Augusta have so many signs already. Rumor is, they will be getting more.