Monday, September 22, 2008

Counterterrorism czar believes in Obama

Richard Clarke, who was a counterterrorism advisor to both President Bushes as well as President Clinton spoke in Harrisonburg on Sunday. His message was simple: Barack Obama has demonstrated the judgement and independence to be President of the United States. Obama is ready to lead on issues of foreign policy and national security.
Clarke, who is part of a distinguished team of national security advisors to Barack Obama, noted that the Democratic candidate was right on Iraq when it was an unpopular position. Obama's call for timetable for withdrawal, opposed by McCain, was called for by the Iraqi government and recently agreed to by the President Bush.
On issue after issue, Clarke said, Barack Obama has been right; John McCain has been wrong.
Clarke praised Joe Biden's choice as vice president. Biden's background in foreign and military policy will make him a vital part of the White House team. By contrast, other than gazing across the Bering Strait, Sarah Palin has virtually zero background or qualifications that would make her an asset. Clarke believes she was picked for purely partisan political purposes.

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