Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's your coop like?

So, which presidential candidate is most like Shenandoah Valley voters. Me, myself, and I.... let's see: three vehicles for two people (splurge), but only one house (nice but less than half the value of McCain's cheapest). Does a paper plane count? It is fuel efficient!
It is always interesting listening to Republicans charging that Democrats are elite. It certainly isn't true here in the Valley. Actually the opposite is true. It isn't true of the 2008 presidential candidates either. While the GOP went bonkers over a recent big Hollywood fundraiser for Barack Obama, John McCain is no stranger to Hollywood and raises plenty of money there, too. According to an interview I heard with former (he can't stand the lies and Palin) McCain friend and supporter, Andrew Sullivan, there is no bigger D.C. celebrity hound than John McCain. If there is a party with a sports, or TV, or movie celebrity, John and Cindy McCain will be among the first panting at the door. 
Barack and Michelle Obama have a very nice home and one car. They share space in my paper plane.
Ya know, although Obama is black (well, half black and half white), he and I have far more in common than do John McCain and I. We were both raised in modest circumstances and had to work our way up (he climbed way higher than me). Actually, he probably had a tougher start - at least I had two parents raising me. We've each been married to the same woman (well different women for each of us) for many years. We both live in middle (me) or upper middle (him) class circumstances and share those middle American hopes, dreams, and values.
On the other hand, John McCain is what, in the top 1 to 2% of wealth in the country? Owns more cars and homes than all but the privileged few. Married into to the big money (I am jealous of that) after kind of dumping on his first wife. John McCain and I have little in common. He has almost nothing in common with most folks in the Shenandoah Valley. Not money. Not lifestyle. Not values.
So, how come so many think John McCain is just like them? It is all a carefully crafted image that is a big fat lie. It is all chicken sh*t. Maybe someday voters will look beyond the hype. Maybe?

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