Friday, September 19, 2008

Peckin' for votes in Waynesboro

Former Mississippi Governor, Ray Mabus, is making a small town tour telling voters "yes, we will" elect Barack Obama. After earlier Thursday stops in Danville and Martinsville, Mabus talked to some 50 Democrats who packed themselves in a classroom at Waynesboro's Rosenwald Community Center.
Using humor and specifics on issues ranging from heath care to veterans, to the economy, Governor Mabus made a compelling case for Barack Obama's election. His personal style seemed to connect with folks, few of whom have been involved in the campaign before Thursday. I predict many left with a new sense of urgency about getting personally involved and spreading the word to friends and neighbors.
Mabus, who knows Bill Clinton well and served as his ambassador to Saudi Arabia, confided to a small group afterwards that President Clinton was a "bit miffed" when he became one of Obama's early supporters and began drumming up support among southern Democrats. But, Mabus noted that Clinton is fully on board with Barack Obama.
If you get a chance to hear Governor Mabus, do it. He is funny, informative, and inspiring. For complete coverage on his visit to Waynesboro, check out the Augusta Free Press.
Also, congressional candidate Sam Rasoul was present and met many new voters before Mabus arrived. He seemed to get a good reception. One newspaper reporter related to a small group that while Rasoul was very accessible, Bob Goodlatte seemed to be dodging the press and canceling interviews. 
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