Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ugly bird

The ugliness of racism has raised its head in the campaign. A large Obama sign near Fulks Run was defaced by vandals who painted "KKK" three times across its face. They also drew a slash across a nearby Mark Warner sign. The Daily News-Record has the full story
There's an informative thread on RocDem about other examples of racism that have emerged in this year's campaign. Much of it apparently coming from conservative groups, like Focus on the Family, that profess "Christian beliefs."
Guess they never read the part about loving thy neighbor . . .

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Belle Rose said...

I'd placed a number of Obama, Warner, and Rasoul signs along a fairly major route through the Valley. All but one of the Obama signs, on private property, have been stolen. The one left was close to the house. I recently read an ignorant letter to the editor that said people seal things they want. In the case of political signs they steal them to silence free speech.

Similar things have happened to my Democratic signs in every election for the past 30 years. It is reasonable to draw the conclusion that many area Republicans do not believe in a key American value - freedom of expression. Given the recent news about Obama sign thefts and vandalism, I think it is also reasonable to conclude that many Valley Republicans are racist and abhor the American value of equality.