Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How Green Is My Valley?

Anne Nielson of the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley writes a thoughtful column, Judge Candidates' Environmental Stances, in today's Daily News-Record. If environmental issues matter to you (shouldn't they matter to all of us?) Ms. Nielson's observations deserve our attention. A few tidbits:
  • John McCain formerly supported attempts to cap greenhouse emissions and believes climate change is caused by human activity, but he hasn't mentioned it since winning the nomination (right shift?). However, his running mate said, "...a changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other, I'm not one who would attribute it to being man-made."
  • Jim Gilmore's stance on climate change is unknown, he doesn't talk about it.
  • Barack Obama and Mark Warner support cap-and-trade proposals to limit carbon emissions. In 1986 Joe Biden offered the first bill to limit global warming pollutants.
  • Sam Rasoul "calls on Americans to rally to a national effort to meet ... environmental, security, and employment problems."
  • Bob Goodlatte supported an amendment to K-12 curriculum include "diversity of scientific viewpoints" on human impact on climate change and encourages more coal-fired power plants.
  • Janice Lee Allen's views are unknown except for a vague statement on her website about "creation of a universal organization to monitor pollutants."
There are differences, very real differences, between the candidates. Read Nielson's commentary for more info. Research the candidates' positions. This fowl doesn't want our chicks' futures to be foul. Vote Green.

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