Thursday, September 4, 2008

Counting the corn

At a pair of press conferences yesterday, Sam Rasoul pledged to being some sanity back to the federal budget. Rasoul said he'd join with other "Blue Dog" Democrats to introduce the "Earmark Eradication Act of 2009" that would end the practice of members requesting targeted federal spending for their district or state. “Balancing our budget is not just a matter of balancing our checkbook, it is a matter of national security,” he said. “We are undermining the viability of our economy by ratcheting up this debt.”
Examples in the 6th district include Goodlatte earmarks of $245K for the farmer's market in Roanoke and $9.5 million for a flood control project on the Roanoke River. Rasoul said such funding should go through a rigorous process to determine their worth and that individual legislators should not be able to add dollars to the budget for pet projects that have little national importance.
Nationally, one of the most notorious national examples is Alaska Senator Steven's "bridge to nowhere." Is that the same bridge Sarah Palin was all for . . . . before she opposed it?
At the Roanoke press conference Rasoul was introduced by Evelyn Bethel, the Roanoke treasurer. Before the conference in Verona, Rasoul was endorsed by Staunton City councilmen Bruce Elder and Ophie Kier.
Bob Goodlatte has called for deficit reduction and getting a handle on the federal deficit, but he's voted with budget busting Bush 99% of the time. And although he's criticized them, he's just as guilty as many other members of Congress of using earmarks.
Bob, this all sounds like a good first question if we can ever get you to agree to a debate with Sam. He's been asking you to talk issues with him and constituents. Now is the time!

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