Friday, April 24, 2009

Democratic candidates stand UP for Virginia

Democratic candidates for the House of Delegates took a stand for Virginia's unemployed and for boosting economies in Valley communities at a Harrisonburg rally yesterday. In front of the Virginia Employment Commission Workforce Center, 20th district candidate Erik Curren, 25th district candidates Greg Marrow and James Noel, 26th district candidate Gene Hart, 24th district candidate Jeff Price, and 15th district candidate John Leniski signed the petition demanding the GOP return to the General Assembly to committed to deal constructively with the unemployment.
House of Delegates Republicans blocked the use of $125 million in federal stimulus funds to expand benefits for unemployed, saying the costs may eventually be passed on to businesses. The Speaker of the House made the absurd statement that using the funds would actually increase unemployment. Democrats counter the funds will help families in need and will boost local economies where unemployment is worst. Plus, the changes in unemployment eligibility could be rolled back when the stimulus funds end.
Erik Curren and Greg Marrow had recent letters (Erik's and Greg's) specifically explaining their positions on using the federal stimulus funds to assist unemployed in The News Leader.
You can join Governor Tim Kaine and these courageous candidates and Stand UP for Virginia - sign the online version of the petition. There is more about the Harrisonburg rally, including pictures, at the Daily News-Record. More coverage on NBC29.

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